Your Body, Your Health by Rowena Sobczyk

Your Body, Your Health by Rowena Sobczyk

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Are you medically literate? Do you have any idea what your doctor looks for during a routine examination, or what questions you should ask during an office visit? If you're like most people, the answer is no. Most of us simply put our trust in this most revered of authority figures and assume he or she must know all the answers. But since in the end, it's your body and your health, you should be the one taking charge. In fact, you can help your doctor give you the best care possible by taking a proactive attitude in partnership with your doctor.

In this user-friendly and highly informative book, Drs. Shulman and Sobczyk provide vital guidelines to help you keep tabs on your health, find and evaluate the medical information you need, and ask your doctor relevant, meaningful questions. You'll learn:

how a doctor makes a diagnosis of your medical status
what tools the physician uses to evaluate your health (medical history, the physical examination, and medical testing)
how to prepare for a doctor's visit and how to make the most of the average two minutes of face-to-face contact
what questions to ask and how to prepare a concise summary of relevant symptoms
the importance of making sure the doctor is aware of your genetic background, prior illnesses, and current medications and supplements
what diseases are likely at each stage of life
how to avoid illness by using preventive healthcare measures and services
how to understand medical test results and when to request tests
where to find quality health information on the Internet
In an age of HMOs and managed health care, now more than ever consumers need to be their own advocates in providing for their medical needs. Complete with an extensive glossary of medical terms, tests, and procedures, this marvelous resource will empower average persons to work in partnership with their doctors to manage their own health care.

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