The Z Document by Nick Carter

The Z Document by Nick Carter

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Nothing could stop a power-hungry general's bloody dream of world domination.
Until he met Nick Carter Killmaster N3!

When the missiles disappeared from Egypt and Israel, the two enemies blamed each other. But AXE knew better. High intelligence had a file on an Italian traitor hiding out in the Ethiopian Danakil. A desert so dry it made the Sahara look like a garden. A man who called himself "Cesare Borgia" and who would stop at nothing to gain power.

Finding Borgia's armed city, in sands that shifted so hellishly you were sure of nothing, like touching a mirage. It was Nick's job to get in, get Borgia, and maybe, just maybe get out. But whether Nick ever got out was less important than whether he dismantled the nuclear weapons Borgia had ready to start WW III.

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