Hawaii by Nick Carter

Hawaii by Nick Carter

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Senator Howard Chan is a likely Vice-Presidential nominee, until his son vanishes into the Hawaiian jungle. So it is off to Hawaii for Nick Carter and this assignment is no holiday!. In the guise of veteran surfer Terry Gilliam, Nick tackles the wild island surf and a group of conspirators who give him more trouble than a rip-tide.

Jimmy Chan: The Senator's son has to be found and debriefed before his crew of rabble rousers get out of hand.

Maida Chan: The Senator's daughter dies an agonizing and bizarre death. The biggest mystery is that she died willingly!

Kathy Longo: A stunning surfer. But does she know more than how to ride a wave? Maida Chan was her best friend.

And the meanwhile, somewhere on the islands, in the depths of dead volcanoes, a crop of mushrooms is being cultivated that are more lethal than the Defense Department's deadliest nerve gas!

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