Everyone has an eye on your Wallet! Do You by Chenthil R Iyer

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Money, as we all understand is an important aspect of living a successful life. But when it comes to managing money effectively, other things take precedence over it. While we would all like to have more money in our lives, managing money is strangely given little importance in terms of priority. We spend so much of our time pursuing the money we make and so little of our time in retaining and multiplying it. Your finances require time, attention and nurturing to grow in abundance so as to provide for you in the Golden years. Your present time investment decisions can bring you financial security when you need it most. Without resorting to complex jargon and figures which leave you confused, this book simplifies the way you look at money and investments. It challenges your existing understanding and behavior towards money. It will guide you to set your financial goals and shoe you ways and means to achieve them. This book gives you all the know-how you need to be able to take complete responsibility of your hard earned money.

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